Apothecary is my first design. It’s a game built around hand and resource management and is primarily competitive with the occasional need to team up so everyone doesn’t lose. Here’s the description from BoardGameGeek:

Welcome to the middle ages, where life was short and medicine was terrible. You and 1 to 3 other players are masters of herbal remedies and potions who have come to make new lives for yourselves in a small town. Will you be a helpful addition to the community, becoming the Apothecary, or will you be a snake oil salesperson, only in it for a quick buck before moving on to the next town?

If you’re interested in giving Apothecary a try, you can download everything you need to play in the “Files” section on its BoardGameGeek page. I hope you have as much fun playing with it as I did creating it. If you’re interested in purchasing a printed copy (which nets me a few cents) head over to its Game Crafter page.